Our Puppy Visit Program Is Full.

Did you and your loved ones recently welcome a new puppy into your family? We know how
exciting that is, and also, how time consuming taking care of a pup can be; let us help you! Little
ones need a lot of care and attention and benefit from keeping a consistent schedule. By having
Bonez & Katnip Pet Services come to the home & environment that your furry friend is already comfortable
with, you can keep the same routine and ensure they are getting the attention and mental
stimulation that all growing animals require.

Our puppy sitter will spend a full 15-minutes. twice a day, with your precious new family member.
During our visits, we will spend time playing with your puppy which is stimulating and physically
challenging, and vital to your cherished pet’s growth and overall health.

Our puppy plans are designed around your commitment to crate train your puppy for their overall safety and development.

  • $34.00 per day for two 15-minute visits to your home. Minimum of 3 days required.
  • Each visit includes a potty break, replenishing food & water and interactive playtime.
  • A commitment to go the extra mile to work with you to ensure your pup’s training is consistent to support good social behaviour.
  • Complimentary love, cuddles & belly rubs are always included.