With this option our trusted sitter will come to your home three times per day and spend lots of uninterrupted time with your cherished pets. If we‘re visiting your pooch, we’ll take them on a few walks around your neighborhood, which is important for physical stimulation and overall health. For all pets, we will refill food and water dishes, engage them in play with their favorite toys, and give them lots of love and attention. Visits will always be scheduled to the best of our ability to accommodate your pet’s routine.
  • $90.00 per day for 1 pet.
  • 3-30 minute visits to your home .. other options are available.
  • Includes walking, feeding, medication administration, washing, filling food and water dishes.
  • Love & cuddles are always included.

Please add an additional fee of $8.00 per day for weekends, $7.50 for each additional pet, and $20.00 for holidays – Civic & Stat.