Compelling Factors to Consider a Pet Sitting Service

In the event that you are arranging a family excursion, the security and prosperity of your pet might be at the forefront of your thoughts. Utilizing a pet sitting service can keep your pet in a similar natural condition and in the solace of your home. Utilizing an expert sitting service additionally gives you peace of mind. You do not need to look further to find a competent professional to take care of your pet as long as Bonez & Katnip Pet Services is there at your disposal. We offer specialized pet services tailored to meet your needs.

For what other reason would you hire a pet sitting service?

Other reasons for which you might need to enlist a pet sitting service could incorporate keeping your pet on similar food, lifestyle, and activity plan. Taking your pet out of its kennel and having a trained professional to take care of your pet are some imperative considerations which you should not overlook.

What to look for in a pet sitter?

There are a couple of key things to request when you are entrusting a pet sitting professional. Ask the sitter for a business license. Ensure that your pet sitter is certified in medical aid; pet sitters ought to have the capacity to give evidence that they are guaranteed through a legitimate association like Red Cross. With Bonez & Katnip Pet Services, you will receive maximum peace of mind and your pet will be secured and will be given all-round care when you are not around.

The service should be confirmed under an agreement that transparently portrays the company’s terms of administration and that they are legitimately authoritative. This secures you and your pet, and additionally the pet sitter. Be mindful if the pet sitter does not require an agreement, this may imply that they will not take any responsibility for anything that may occur while you are not present.
Therefore, an agreement is as important as finding a reputed professional.

Do not be worried as Bonez & Katnip Pet Services has got your back. In all your requirements pertaining to your pet will be met by us with full efficiency. Go through our website and service tab to learn more about other services we offer.

Dog Walking Service

It’s Not Just an Exercise – Walking Your Dog is Always Better!

Physical activity, be it for your dog or you, no matter what, it is an undeniable fact that exercise is good for health. When it comes to physical activity or exercise, walking is always a better option. Hence, taking your dog to a walk on a regular basis will help them to achieve the level of activity they want. However, you might think, this can also be done by simply letting your dog run in your yard.

As a matter of fact, physical activity is an essential thing, but only running in the yard is not enough. It is also important for your dog to increase the spectrum of the horizon, and strengthen their social skills. And that can be achieved by regularly taking your dog for a walk.

In addition to that, just 30 minutes of dog walking service in Oakville a day can help your dog to stimulate your pet’s mind. That can help your dog prevent behavioral problems like barking, digging, etc. which all the dogs exhibit when they get bored.

The Effective Benefits of Taking up the Regular Walking Habit for Your Dog 

Dogs have this mentality of being in a pack. Hence, it is important for them to be socialized with other dogs. In fact, he should take a stroll in the neighborhood so that he can meet and be friends with other dogs as well. And in this process daily dog walking plays a very prominent role. It also helps them build their trust and confidence in a number of ways:


If you take out your dog for a regular walk, it will surely help them socialize with the neighborhood. In this way, the dog gets the opportunity to meet other people and puppies as well. Not only that, they will get to know the neighboring areas and the locality as well. This will help to adopt friendly behavior instead of fearfulness.

dog walking service in Oakville

Training Opportunities

When you take your dog for a walk, they follow your lead. During this process, the dog gradually learns what’s important and what should not be done while taking a walk. In addition to that, your dog can easily understand direction and guidance. That can be useful for you at a later point in time.

Health Benefit

When it comes to maintaining a healthy living, be it a dog or human all should consider regular exercise. In this way, it can also help them in digestion. Besides the dog’s physical benefits, it can also help in improving the mental health of your dog. Their mind will also flourish when they get to meet and exposed to new things every day.

These are the primary benefits of dog walking service in Oakville. If you want extra care for your pet then even you can consider keeping a pet sitter in Oakville or in regular contact on pet care service in Oakville. Animal care services are the best way to ensure your dog should stay out of danger all the time.

A Dog Walking Service Burlington can make life easier for your dog and also you

The kind of busy lives we lead nowadays leaves us hardly any time for any other important activities that need to get done.  Pet owners, especially individuals who have dogs as pets, have a hard time tending for their dogs, with their daily work routine. They find it difficult to manage time out of their busy schedule to look after their dogs or more importantly ensure that they are getting proper exercise every day. This is a common problem for dog owners, who are working individuals. Attending their jobs each day can be a tedious task and can leave them with little or no energy to tend to other tasks at hand. This in turn affects their pets, especially dogs, who require constant attention and lots of exercise. That is why a dog walking service Burlington can come in handy for such owners.

Why exercise is important for dogs

Dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. They need routine walks outside which enables them to explore their surroundings, get fresh air and interact with other animals and people. They need to relieve themselves of the time they spend sitting cramped up at home. Exercise and routine walks for dogs are not only vital for their mental health but also goes a long way in ensuring they grow properly and their bones and muscles develop. They become more sociable and amiable with people and also wards of illnesses which might develop as a result of not being active.

Dogs were never meant for cramped small apartments or flats. They need space and by that I mean lots of space to run and move around freely. People who own large homes with lawns and gardens may have it easy. However, a large percentage of dog owners keep their pets with them in their apartments or flats, which is detrimental to the dog’s health if they are not receiving proper exercise each day. A 30 minute or more walk for your dog can be enough to get them the proper outdoor exposure they need. However, working individuals find it difficult to squeeze out that time from their busy schedules.

Avail our dog walking services now in Burlington

In comes a reliable and good dog walking service. If you are in Burlington, you can avail our dog walking service in Burlington, where we provide your pets with the much needed exercise and walks they deserve and long for. Our team of expert handlers know exactly how to take care of your dog for you. They will take the responsibility of walking your dog for you and ensure your pets receive the much needed exercise they require. Now working individuals and busy pet owners can have a complete peace of mind when it comes to exercising their dogs. You can count on us for your dog’s well being and in return your pet will be rewarded with our excellent service in dog walking.

All That You Need To Know About Dog Walking Service In Oakville

If you are a dog owner, you would certainly agree to the fact that walking your dog is, of course, more than those ‘potty breaks’! Well, it not only offers a mental relaxation and physical exercise to your furry friend but also helps develop a bond and socialize better. Pet experts state that walking your dog on a regular basis is a good practice if he/she is confined to the house for long hours. Your dog would definitely enjoy and want to explore the world outside, thus taking them on a walk regularly will help them grow obedient and keep behavioral issues at bay. So, step outside with your furry companion and let him/her explore the smell, sight, and sounds of the world at their own pace!

As pet owners, you must have observed how excited and happy your dogs may feel as they step out of the house. Many times your pets may not find a way to use up their pent-up energy, therefore taking them to a pet park or an open ground is the best place for activities. On the other hand, some of you may find it difficult to take your pets on a walk. In such cases, you can of course, rely on a professional dog walking service. Pet centers offering such services have well-experienced staff who know how to handle different breeds and deliver much attention and care. Residents of Oakville can search for the ‘best dog walking service in Oakville’ and get a list of options online.

Benefits of hiring a professional dog walking service

Many of you may wonder why dog owners should opt for a professional dog walking service, and whether these services would benefit the pets in any way. Check out a few top reasons why one should choose such professional services over others:

  1. Offer utmost attention

– Your pets especially dogs are social animals, and they like to be around other pets. Well, having a professional dog walker means your pet is going to get all the attention throughout time. The staff would ensure the pet is feeling happy and is not left alone which in a way would help to reduce anxiety in the animal and help him/her stay more active too.


  1. Reduced rate of health risks

– Walking is a great exercise for your pet dogs. Therefore, accompanying your pet on a regular walk not only helps him/her to stay healthy but reduces other health risks too. In this way, pets are less likely to fall sick or develop arthritis and other bone disorders in their lifetime.

Hence, by now you must have understood how a professional dog walking service in Oakville can help your pet dogs stay hearty and healthy in the long run.